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I help entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders bring their mission to life through live events. We'll work together to maximize your impact and influence through events.

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Our Event Influencer is a place to gather with other entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and event experts to learn, brainstorm, share, and experience support as you plan your live event.


Here you'll have access to dozens of resources to help you through your live event planning process: event programming outlines, timelines, packing checklists, budget templates, and so much more.


Looking for more hands-on, step-by-step support through your planning process? Our Event Influencer Collective is a mastermind style gathering where we'll work together on your event from start to finish! 

What type of event should I host?

So you're considering hosting a live event - great! The next question is what type of event is ideal for you and your business. Take our quiz to determine what event format works best for you!

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