Favorite Event Types


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Minimum of 1 full day

Most frequent average of 3 days

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Mid- to large-size group

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1 specific subject supported by other topics

3-5 key takeaways

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Education and learning

Deeply complemented by networking and connections

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Multiple subject matter experts

Attendees can learn from and engage with

A conference style event is when you gather people for one to a few days for discussion and education on a primary topic with a series of complimentary subjects, interspersed with time for networking, connecting, and practical work. Attendees are usually learning from the expertise, knowledge and experience of multiple experts who provide teaching to reinforce the primary subject matter.

What's your Wow Factor?

Some of us have had AWESOME experiences at conferences - with amazing connections and transformation to be made. And yet the word conference incites a snore in others of us. When done well, conferences can be amazing and life changing.

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