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Great!  I'm so happy that you're here and interested in what I have to offer.  I love events, and I have a lot of experience with all types, so I'm uniquely positioned to help you - from deciding if an event is the right move for you to which type is the best vehicle for your needs.

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The first step you should take toward planning your event is to identify what type of event is right for you and your business to host.  Maybe you've been thinking about a conference, but some other format would actually be better suited for your needs.  Read summaries of the different types below and click the icons for even more information.

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If you've already taken the quiz, or you already know what type of event suits your ideas and needs best, check out our individual event type pages by clicking the icons below.

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A conference style event is when you gather people for one to a few days for discussion and education on a primary topic with a series of complimentary subjects, interspersed with time for networking, connecting, and practical work. Attendees are usually learning from the expertise, knowledge and experience of multiple experts who provide teaching to reinforce the primary subject matter.

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A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. These events can be a meeting of a pre-established group, but they can also bring together like-minded individuals who have never met before. These workshops are laser-focused when it comes to subject matter and attendees.

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A meetup or networking style event is a meeting of people with a shared interest who are coming together for connection and engagement because of that specific interest or because of a specific person facilitating an activity around that interest.

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A retreat style event is any time a small group of people intentionally sets aside a period of time, away from the day to day, with the agreement that you will not be disturbed by outside intrusions.

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A workshop style event is when you gather people for a period of discussion and practical work on a particular subject in which a specific individual (often you as the host) shares your knowledge, expertise, and experience, while teaching others in the process.

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