Favorite Event Types


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Can be 1 or several full days

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Usually a small group

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"Laser-focused" on subject matter and attendees

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Focused on peer-to-peer mentoring to help members solve problems

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Provide access to connections with group members who are experts in the subject matter, usually with diverse viewpoints and experience

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. These events can be a meeting of a pre-established group, but they can also bring together like-minded individuals who have never met before. These workshops are laser-focused when it comes to subject matter and attendees.

What topic will you Brainstorm Together??

The beauty of a tightly focused group is how it can come together to solve problems. Sometimes, all it takes to overcome a roadblock is a group of peers given the time and permission to brainstorm together. And this is why we love mastermind groups so much.

So what makes for a successful mastermind?

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