Favorite Event Types


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Can be 1 or several full days

Often at a desirable destination

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Usually a small, intimate group

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Provide time to reflect on personal or professional purpose and motives, plan for a specific project or season of life

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Create experiences which form bonds with others, jumpstart work on one or more specific goals

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Provide activities to facilitate connection with others and space to reflect and plan either alone or as a group

A retreat style event is any time a small group of people intentionally sets aside a period of time, away from the day to day, with the agreement that you will not be disturbed by outside intrusions.

What Destination Do You Have in Mind?

Retreats are some of my absolute favorites! No other event type provides quite the same blend of connection with others and space for solo reflection and planning. And, even better, it’s perfect for groups of all types - a team looking to delve deeper into a project or strangers with a common purpose.

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